The Oregon Trail™ Ornament With Light and Sound

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Available October 12, 2024

Recall the fun of leading a team of oxen and a wagon loaded with provisions from Missouri to the West in the computer game "The Oregon Trail." This Christmas tree ornament featuring a vintage-style computer monitor with a green and black screen displays images from the game that gained and maintained popularity in the early days of personal computers. Tilt to see alternating lenticular images, then press the button to see the computer screen light up and play music from the game. Battery operated.

  • Key Features: Press the button on the Magic Light and Sound ornament to see the screen illuminate and hear music (battery operated). Tilt the screen to see the lenticular motion. Ornament plays music from "The Oregon Trail" computer game.
  • Message: (screen 1) You have died of dysentery. (screen 2) The Oregon Trail. Kansas River crossing. March 9, 1848. Weather: cold. River width: 628 feet. River depth: 4.8 feet. You may: 1. attempt to ford the river 2. caulk wagon and float it across 3. take a ferry across 4. wait to see if conditions improve 5. get more information. What is your choice?
  • Additional Details: Plastic Christmas ornament features hanger attachment.
  • Includes: One 2024 Keepsake Ornament in gift box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Requires three (3) LR44 replaceable batteries (included).
  • Approx. Size in Inches: 2.71 x 2.75 x 2.92


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